26 juni 2010

Hellvete - Een Duvelse Zak is nooit gevuld

Year: 2007
RYM / Here

Lock your doors, hide your children. Hells Bells are ringing in the Flemish countryside. Let Silvester Anfang member Hellvete take you on a mesmerizing and hypnotic trip to a medieval world inhabited by witches, devils and monsters. Hellvete knows how to summon the dead, so better light a candle to be safe!

25 juni 2010

Captain Ilor - Mindfuck

Year: 1974?
RYM / Here

One of the best 70's Krautrock bands you've never heard of? Could be, but chances are Captain Ilor are one of the many Krautrock-revival bands from the late 90's. There's not much hope for a definite answer on this one, as the 'Coloured Rain' label has recently closed their website and seems to have vanished altogether, leaving us with some obscure, but awesome records. All of them having that underground Krautrock atmosphere. Think fuzz guitars, Moog keyboards, long psychedelic jams and hippies. Highly recommended!

24 juni 2010