24 juli 2010

2nd Gen - Irony Is

Year: 2001
RYM / Here

2nd Gen is an experiment consisting of white noise, industrial beats, contorted voices and bass all blended together with a total disregard for the rules of music. And yet, somehow this strange mixture just works. I first heard 2nd Gen on the radio in 2001. It was in the middle of the night, and I was studying for my exams. Normally I'm not a fan of industrial music, but this just stuck to me. The obscure artist I was looking for didn't turn up in my internet searches the next day, and I forgot all about 2nd Gen until somewhere last year, when I found the album in a local cd store. Imagine my surprise when the music I had heard only once turned out the be even better than I thought!

23 juli 2010

15 juli 2010

Südstern 44 - Südstern 44

Year: 2007
RYM / Here

Very rare (400 copies) self titled album by Südstern 44. This time with songs, the longest clocking in at just over 14 minutes. A bit less spectacular than the 'Dampfwalze' album, but still some very good modern krautrock indeed! Sometimes edging toward shoegaze, but always finding that authentic psychedelic drive just in time. Reminds me of Talk Talk's Laughing Stock album for some reason, but that could be me. (That's a compliment by the way)

Südstern 44 - The Dampfwalze

Year: 2006
RYM / Here

Who needs songs? Südstern 44 sure doesn't. Here they present you with a continuous 70 minute psychedelic jam. It's a pity they ran out of cd at the end, because this could've continued for hours, and I don't think I would've minded. Think Amon Düül, but longer. Much longer.

Planet Gong - Live floating Anarchy

Year: 1977
RYM / Here

One of my all-time favorite albums. Planet Gong is Daevid Allen with free-festival legends Here and Now. This combination brings out the best in them both: A bit heavier than Daevid Allens usual work with Gong, and even more freaked out than Here and Nows other albums. A great combination of punk, space and psychedelic rock. Highly recommended! (Again)

13 juli 2010

Ufomammut - Eve

Year: 2010
RYM / Here

Already easily one of my favorite albums of 2010! The only thing possibly wrong with 'Eve' is that the first fourteen minutes, being the first of five parts from this conceptalbum devoted to the first woman on earth, are so good that it leaves you wondering for the remainder of the album what you've just experienced. Heavy, deep and sinister, Ufomammut creates a vast world of sound from which no-one can escape. Do not listen when it rains, because this is doom. Highly Recommended!

P205 - P205

Year: 1976
RYM / Here

P205 enjoyed quite a bit of success in their time, but have been lost in obscurity ever since. It's not difficult to imagine their popularity in the German festival scene of the time, as they seem to have been a sort of '70's Rammstein, with live shows involving burning torches, costumes and large marmor crosses. The album kicks of with some hard rocking, energetic festival songs. But it's the second part of the album that really steals the show with the two 9 minute krautrock gems 'I didn't care' and "Major God'. This is krautrock in its rawest and purest form. Great stuff!

P205 - Progressio Pereat Mundus

Year: 1978
RYM / Here

After a few succesful years in the festival scene, P205 recorded their first and only studio album. At only 300 original copies this one is even harder to find than their first album. The magic of the early recordings seems to have gone a bit, but it's still a nice find for every krautrock fan.

7 juli 2010

1 juli 2010

TV Buddhas - Tour CD's 1-4

Year: 2007-2009
RYM / Here

The TV Buddhas are nowadays a three-piece band, but on these tour cd's still play as a duo. A lot of the songs were later recorded new for the 'Golden Period' album. The original versions here sound a bit rawer, louder and more energetic. The biggest treat though are the tracks which didn't make it to the final album, including a surpising cover of Gary Numans classic 'Cars'. Oh, and don't forget to see the TV Buddhas live if you have the chance, they are amazing!

Blood Fountains - Floods

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Year: 2009
RYM / Here