29 september 2010

Silvester Anfang - Echte Vlaamse Geiten

Year: 2007
RYM / Here

Highly Recommended! One of my favorite bands from the last couple of years. You can't get any closer to the original Amon Düül than this. Psychedelic drone improvisations galore! The only difference is that Silvester Anfang are darker and more hellish than their '60's German counterparts. This should be the soundtrack to every medieval horror movie. Expect more Silvester Anfang (I/II) here soon.

Spliff - Herzlichen Glückwunsch

Year: 1988
RYM / Here

Okay, something different for a change. Spliff is the Nina Hagen band. (And Lokomotive Kreuzberg). You might know them from their terrible 80's hit 'Carbonara', but they made a far better LP a few years later called 'Herzlichen Glückwunsch'. This is some really clever German disco/new wave rock. Highlights of the album are 'Das Blech' (which was also a hit in Germany) Wohin Wohin and S.O.S. The song 'Herr Kennedy' is my personal favorite.

21 september 2010

16 september 2010

The Nazgûl - The Nazgûl

Year: 1976 (?)
RYM / Here and Here

A kraut/dark ambient obscurity. Not much more is known besides the artists being Pippin and Frodo, although I can't imagine hobbits playing music this dark and gloomy! There is some discussion whether this is an authentic release or a '90s 'fraud'. The album certainly does sound a bit too polished to be recorded on a small label in the '70s. In the end it doesn't really matter, because the music is good either way. I've uploaded this in flac, really because I'm too lazy to convert everything to .mp3.

11 september 2010

Tram - A Kind of Closure

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Year: 2002
RYM / Here

Thy Sinister Bloom - Discography

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They've released 3 EP's:

1995: Thy Temperate Veil / A Vanity Lost
1996: Fragrant Suncry / A Scented Memoriam
1996: Serein Falls

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9 september 2010

The Real Yeti Band - Yeti

Year: 1997
RYM / Here

Another release from the Coloured Rain label. (See also here and here). Again by the same artists (Captain Ilor, Swara Samrat and Herman the German). With only 4 listeners on last.fm this one is probably the rarest album in my collection, and that's a shame really because there's enough to enjoy here. Krautrock with an eclectic edge, reminding of Embryo and Guru Guru.