31 augustus 2010

Ici Maintenants - Space and Time

Year: 2001
RYM / Here

Okay, I'm not going to highly recommend the third album in a row, but you'll really miss out on some great music if you skip this one. Ici Maintenants are 70's free festival legends Here and Now (C'est le French translation!) jamming together one more time. They sound better than ever: A bit more structured, but still very experimental, and keeping most of their tracks well over 10 minutes (which is always a good thing). You know what? After listening to Shakalayah again I'm just going to Highly Recommend this anyway!

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  1. Merci beaucoup Monsieur!! Et un grande merci a Monsieur Dave Sez pour les directions ici!! (Dodgy French I know-I only got a "B" in my O-level and that was back in 1982...I know,I'll try it in Latin!! heheh! as if!).