10 februari 2011

Long Fin Killie - Houdini


Year: 1995
RYM / Here

A mid-90s Scottish band, Long Fin Killie may be best known as the band that singer Luke Sutherland sang for before subsequently embarking on his solo project under the name of Bows. Other members in the band included Colin Greig, David Turner, and Philip Cameron. Over the course of three albums and numerous singles, the Scottish act cemented their musical style and constantly employed a mix of delicate string arrangements, horns, and of course, Luke Sutherland’s often delicate singing style that often ventured into more aggressive waters during certain tracks. Singing about topics that ranged from issues of race and sexuality to societal standards of beauty, the group remained anything but your typical rock act during their brief existence. -Last fm

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  1. Oh fuck yes, pardon the language. this is beautiful, what a wonderful bass tone too.
    Highly recommended indeed. Thank you